The Role Of Architecture In Video Games (Thesis)

This study analyzes visual, spatial and mechanical attributes of FPS and TPS genre games which are experienced on virtual space (computer and video game consoles) and approaches variable which affects gamer’s experience. In this study, rather than taking different genre of games with a wide angle evaluation, selected more dynamic camera using games (FPS and TPS) in order to having the same experience in the real world architecture inside of this virtual world. The scope of this study limited to games which allow examination of 3D spaces by free roaming is possible. Study field is executed with the idea of a comparison between this field and the field of architecture in mind. This study aims to define the contents of the gaming media in full extent, in order to determine how architectural practices and theories may play role in their design. In conclusion of this study, it will be observed that both game design practices and architectural practices are which utilize each other.


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