“Unreal” Power In Architecture

Photorealistic architectural visualizations are becoming very famous nowadays. As an interior architect and 3D artist, I pay a lot of attention when creating realistic exteriors, interiors and environments. During one of my projects, I searched of ways to create a living real-time environment and I’ve met with Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine is a game engine and it’s absolutely free. Okay, we have rendering engines like  V-Ray, Mental Ray, I-Ray and some real-time GPU powered engines like Lumion but this is a completely different platform. When you export your data from render engines, you only get the visual. Unreal Engine lets you to export whole environment with whole materials, textures, lights and models packed into one file.

You can create your own textures by using Substance Painter / Substance Designer to enlarge your capacity of realism; both softwares allow you to export textures into UE4 directly. You can force the limits of reality by using VR supports such as Oculus, HTC Vive or simple way of it; Cardboard.

Interior Environment Real-Time Walkthrough

After watching the video on the left side, you will understand the real power of game engines and their capabilities. Once you decide to learn how to use UE4, it’s really easy to find tutorials online. Youtube would be the best friend of yours when you try to learn something. You can find a link to download UE4 below. It supports both Windows and macOS.